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        Features of Acrylic Paint

        Acrylic paint is one of the new coating that develop rapaidly since 1950, it's made by polyacrylate resin, which is formed by addition polymerization through acrylate or methacrylate monomers. The main absorption peak for light of polyacrylate resin is not in the solar spectrum. That's why for the acrylic paint, it has good light resistance and outdoor anti-aging function, many features are way beyond the other resins.

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        The Development of Automotive Refinish Paint

        Now the global automotive refinish market is in the growth stage, the global market reached 4.93 billion dollars in 2012, up 7.7% over the previous year. By 2019, the market will reach $ 9.99 billion, the average annual growth rate of 9.8%, the growth momentum is mainly due to the strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region and other developing countries. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the strict re

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        Application of Matting Agent

        Matting paint is a kind of coating additive, bringing expected roughness on coat surface and decrease the surface gloss. Its principal: There are very fine suspended solids dispersed in the coating film. These suspended solids would spread over the film, reducing the specular light film surface and achieve the extinction effect of a rough surface. Its main products include metal soap, wax, and functional pigments such as dia

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        How Many Layers of Car Paint?

        General new car has 4 layers of paint: 1.Electrophoretic paint layer: electrophoretic paint layer coating is the whole body place into the swimming pool, no dead angle roll invasion, the main role is rust, it is the bottom of the body rust. 2.The primer layer: The primer layer play the role of filling, filled with some depression and small flaws. As the paint layer and electrophoretic paint layer isolation layer, can i

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        The Characteristics Of Powder Coatings

        The Characteristics Of Powder Coatings Now the Automotive Coatings Supplier will talk about the characteristics of powder coatings for us. 1. The product does not contain toxicity, solvent or volatile toxic substances, so there is no poisoning, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other public hazards, and it fully conforms to the requirements of the national environmental protection law. 2. High utilization

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        The Mistake Area When Choosing Automotive Paints

        Formaldehyde pollution is listed as the number one hazard. A lot of consumer think, formaldehyde is the biggest volatilizer, it is paint actually. More friend expresses, paint flavour is bigger, the formaldehyde that volatilizes is more also, and formaldehyde peculiar smell is smaller, the formaldehyde that its place volatilizes is less also, the harm that the place produces is small also. Actually, this is a kind of co

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        What Are the Precautions for Car Touch Up?

        When the car leaks the primer such as the Auto Pearl Basecoat Colors Paint, it needs to be repainted. Here are some things to note: (1) Do not use water other than soft water, including hot water, alkaline water and water with higher hardness. Because these substances can damage the paint. Wash with hard water and leave marks and film on the body surface after drying. (2) Don't get off the car in the hot sun. Remember to do no

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        What Color Is The Car Primer? How Do You Know The Primer?

        What color is the car primer? How do you know the primer? 1. About Solid Colors Basecoat we know that the general black car is a white primer, and the white car is a black primer. You can read the instructions. Regardless of the primer, as long as there are deep scratches, it is recommended to repair. 2. Automotive primer is the first coating applied directly to the surface of the surface treated component, which is the beginn

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        how Much Do You Know About The Automotive Paint Thinner

        Introduction to Automotive Paint Thinner: (1) The diluent is a liquid substance which is excellent in miscibility with the resin added in order to lower the viscosity of the resin and improve the process performance. There are reactive diluents and inactive diluents, respectively. The thermosetting resin in the paint coating needs to be added with a diluent to reduce its viscosity for further processing. These diluents are act

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        Must Collect the Automotive Pearl Color Primer Coloring Spray Tips!

        Automotive Pearl Color Primer tips: (1) Pearl color master characteristics are particularly noticeable under direct sunlight or similar light sources, so direct sunlight or a similar light source is required when comparing colors. (2) According to the amount of pearl mica pigment added, the pearly feeling of the paint varies greatly. Therefore, when grading, the metering must be accurate, and careful adjustment should be added

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        What is the Difference Between Automotive Original Paint and Refinish Paint?

        As a Car Refinish Paint Supplier, we want to tell you that the original car paint is a one-size product, and the refinish paint used after leaving the factory is incomparable with the original paint in terms of texture and performance. Therefore, we must protect the original paint of the new car. The luxury car should be attached to an invisible car as much as possible to avoid the heavy spray on the whole face and affect the

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        What is the Ratio of Paint to Thinner?

        Paint is a kind of material that we often use in home decoration. It has strong adhesion, so that it can adhere to the furniture well and achieve the effect of not falling paint. When using paint, we usually add thinner from Car Paint Thinner Suppliers to ensure better results. Then the question is, what is the ratio of paint to thinner? The thinner addition of paint is a bit of a learning, not added according to your own pref

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        Automotive Paint Manufacturers Teach Everyone How to Clean the Car

        Today, Zhenroumei Automotive Paint Manufacturer teach everyone how to clean the car: First, timely cleaning the salt, dust, insects, bird droppings and other debris stuck in the car, the longer these debris stay in the car, the greater the destructive effect on the car. 2. When flushing the car with water, be careful not to spray water into the lock hole. 3. If the car is sent to the automatic cleaning equipment for cleaning,

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        How to Distinguish Car Pearl Paint?

        To identify Auto Pearl Basecoat Colors Paint, you can do the following: The pearl lacquer is made of pearl powder to achieve the unique luster that other materials can't achieve. The unique luster of the pearl and the light color and visual effect are unmatched by other ordinary ones. Pearl paint has a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. When the sun shines on the pearl lacquer surface, it will reflect the color of the bo

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        What Causes Car Paint to Have Pinholes?

        After the domestic car paint from Automotive Paint Company is sprayed, if it is too dry, various pinholes will appear. If it is serious, it will even sag, and the depth can be the bottom. What is the reason for this? 1. When the car paints the paint from Automotive Coatings Supplier, the paint film is sprayed too thick. Generally, it is three times, but if you spray it four or five times, there is a high possibility of pinhole

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        What Are the Spray Methods for Automotive Paints?

        Car paint from Car Paint Thinner Factory is familiar to many people. Everyone knows that car paint is composed of many paint layers. Professional personnel are required to take professional methods to spray. Here is a welfare for everyone. Zhenroumei Car Epoxy Primer Manufacturerhope you can learn. Spray paint of the car! 1. First of all, it is necessary to repair the automobile sheet metal: for the accident car, the

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