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        Fire Drill in Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited

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        We are a manufacturer of automotive paint, we will produce products in bulk, so the factory will have some inventory, in this hot summer, fire is a must, and recently our company carried out a fire drill.
        According to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, July 13, 2017, Guangzhou Conghua hot spring town mayor, safety supervision bureau, other enterprise fire safety management personnel organized fire fighting and emergency evacuation exercises, we fully assist fire drill to ensure the successful completion of the work!
        The exercise mainly includes fire drills and field evacuation drills, fire fighting exercises include the correct operation of fire fighting equipment, precautions of the fire fighting equipment, daily maintenance of equipment after extinguishing; Field evacuation evacuation exercise improve the emergency evacuation plan and detailed emergency evacuation operation plan, summed up the details and processes to be noted in the evacuation plan.

        The exercise mainly to improve the staff of the fire and evacuation emergency ability, master the fire when the emergency action procedures and evacuation routes, reduce casualties and property damage.

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