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        The Role of Automotive Paint Harder

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        Automotive paint curing agent is mainly used with 2K car paint and two-component varnish, because the paint groups need to cross-react with the curing agent group to form a polymer, that is, car paint harder, thereby enhancing the hardness of the paint, automotive paint curing agent also needs weather resistance, anti-yellowing and chemical resistance performance.

        Varnish concentration is different, we must match the corresponding curing agent, because the curing agent is different, such as the higher the concentration of varnish, you need to match the high concentration of curing agent, the higher the solid, which means that the higher the hardness, but the more crisp the paint film. According to the drying rate is divided into quick-drying curing agent, the standard curing agent, slow curing agent. According to the ambient temperature to choose. When the outdoor temperature of 5 ~ 15 ℃ selection of quick-drying curing agent, 15 ~ 28 ℃ use standard curing agent, 28 ~ 35 ℃ use slow curing agent.

        Car Paint Harder

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